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When you witness an accident ...

Seeing someone be injured in an accident can leave you feeling shocked. But for better or for worse, you are a witness, and you will play a role in an accident investigation. Some witnesses are concerned about what information they should give. They may not want to put a fellow worker at fault or think their own position will be in jeopardy if they describe the circumstances. There are two types of witnesses: Those who actually saw or heard what happened, and those who can shed some light on the incident. In either case, it's important to volunteer as a witness right away. If your information isn't taken very soon, important details could be forgotten. The purpose of an accident investigation is to prevent future injuries and damage to property. Interviews are fact-finding exercises, not for fault finding or placing blame. If you are interviewed, give your complete version of what happened. Even small bits of information about circumstances and equipment can fill gaps and lead to a safer workplace. In such an interview, you would be asked for your opinion on how the accident could have been prevented. Give your opinion freely because you are an important partner in the investigation process. Inquiries will ultimately lead to a higher level of safety. God willing, you will never witness a serious injury. But if you do, be prepared to give information that could reduce chances of such an incident occurring again.

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