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Commercial Floor ​​Stripping and Waxing

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Janit-Pro Cleaning System LLC strives to help your business maintain the quality of a tidy and appearance to ensure the best shine that catches your clients' eye and we provide equipment that our highly trained and certified technician specialists use to provide the best floor care possible. 

Strip & Wax Tiny dirt particles and dust inevitably get into your waxed floors, and over time the floor will begin to turn yellow from the light. To return your floors to its original condition as much as possible you will need a strip and Wax. The strip and wax is recommended at least once a year for low to medium traffic floors, and 4-6 months for high traffic floors. We'll work closely with you to design a floor service that is unique to your facility.

Scrub & Finnish When your floor lose its original glossy look it'll appear ultra dull; then it is time to recoat. A re-scrub and re-coat will provide superior look and immensely reduce the need for stripping and waxing. This will save you time and money in the long run. 

Buffing When the floors in your facility have lost their luster, it might be time to Buffer them. Buffing the floors in the building gives them a glossy and professional look. The process of buffing renews most hard floors to ensure their top notch quality and brightest shine! 

Types of Flooring​

  • Concrete, Brick Laminate, Vinyl, and Linoleum Floors

  • Tile, Marble, Slate Natural Stone, and Granite Floors

  • Sandstone, Soapstone, Ceramic, Clay, Quartzite, and Terrazo Floors

strip and wax floors
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