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When ticks stick to you

When you find a tick has taken to you, here's what to do: * Using a pair of fine-tipped tweezers, grab the tick close to the skin and pull it straight out. Don't twist or the head may break off and stay in your skin. Clean the wound with soap and water or alcohol, say doctors writing in Prevention.

* Do Not: Put a lit match or a hot pin on a tick bite to move the tick. Not only won't it work, but by breathing in the smoke, you might absorb any bacteria or viruses the tick may be carrying.

* Do Not: Smear the bite with mineral oil or petroleum jelly, which may cause the tick to inject bacteria into the wound.

* Do Not: Try to remove it with your bare hand. If you get a rash, fever, lose coordination, have extreme fatigue, joint or muscle pain, see a doctor fast.

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