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Ten tips for better relationships

Psychologists say couples will have better relationships if they ...

l. Tell the truth. A discovered lie, no matter how small, is harmful.

2. Are appreciative of all gifts. Gifts don't have to be romantic. The important thing is that your partner has thought about you.

3. Show pleasure in sex. Even if you don't see fireworks, enjoy it and show that you do.

4. Spend time together. Do things together and be together often.

5. They are true to themselves. Talk about your problems so you can understand the complexity of each other's lives.

6. They are totally faithful. And let their partners know that it's monogamy or nothing.

7. Date their mates. Have fun.

8. Gaze into their partner's eyes.

9. Call back as soon as possible if they get a message from him or her.

10. Have a sense of humor. There is scientific evidence that laughter is a bonding agent.

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