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Supervisor's Corner: Turning risky hires into valued workers

There are success stories. A mother of two with no recent work experience comes off of three years on welfare and is hired for a two-week trial period. With her supervisor's help, she succeeds, becomes a regular employee, and gets a raise. A man is released from prison, has few marketable skills, and a questionable future. After a trial period, he is accepted as an employee and, over time, becomes an enthusiastic and productive worker. A certain percentage of high-risk new hires will not become respected employees, so is it worth the risk? Many employers who have hired them say that it is. According to the Wall Street Journal, loyalty is a big factor in worker success. Having been given a chance, those who really want to work are highly cooperative and loyal to their bosses. Here's how to minimize failures. * Put workers through a variety of educational and training programs, with state subsidies if available. English language education has priority for those who need it. Training is crucial, even for jobs that others might consider to be simple. Some high-risk workers have never had a real job and might not know how to approach a working routine. * Explain company rules carefully. They must know the types of behavior that will not be tolerated, and the benefits of performing well. * Stop by their work site often to see if they have any problems or questions. High-risk hires can become valued employees, but only with your help and attention.

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