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Secrets of excellent students

A survey of straight-A students made by the University of Illinois at Chicago shows that:

1. They avoid interruptions. When studying, they don't take phone calls, watch TV, or eat. They're serious.

2. They may study at unusual places or times. (Some practiced languages while jogging.) Whether the time was early morning, late at night, or afternoon, they were consistent. They never missed it.

3. They are organized. They keep materials together in a desk, a drawer or a backpack. Many filed the day's papers by subject so they could be reviewed before a test.

4. They learn how to read better. In Getting Straight A's, Gordon W. Green, Jr., says the secret of good reading is to be an active reader, one who asks questions that lead to fuller understanding.

5. They schedule large tasks and make the deadlines. For a report, they may divide the project into parts such as research, outline, write, review and finalize.

6. They take good notes. Teachers test on what they summarize, so notes are vital. Good students also take notes on what they read.

7. They are neat. Their papers are clean and easy to read.

8. They ask for explanations if they don't understand what the instructor says.

9. They often study together and discuss problems with each other for better understanding.

10. They test themselves. Before a test, great students predict what will be asked and determine whether they know the answers.

11. They do more than required. Part of learning is practicing, they say. The more you practice, the more you learn.

The most important secret of super achievers is the contribution of their parents. They set high standards for them and helped them to develop a love of learning.

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