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Safety Corner: Keep your wits about you

Did you hear the one about a guy who is working on a loading dock? After awhile, he steps back, falls off the dock and breaks his leg. How about the person working on a ladder, leans too far in one direction and tumbles down? Or the one who had car trouble, stepped back into the line of traffic, and was hit by a truck? And then there was the one who didn't notice a box in the walkway and fell over it. You could go on and on adding to this list. The strange thing about it is that these men and women were all bright, responsible people. They just became preoccupied with their work and had an accident. Unfortunately, it's not unusual. The National Safety Council says lack of awareness of one's surroundings is a major cause of injuries. The line between being witless and awareness is so slight that anyone can cross it by stepping, leaning or dreaming. Being conscious of your circumstances is your main protection. Even situations that may not seem dangerous, like walking through the factory or office, can be hazardous if your mind is somewhere else. Keep your wits about you! Survey the area working in or passing through, not just once but frequently. This one action will take you a long way toward making your day less hazardous.

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