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Have a great day every day!

You can have a great day every day. The late Norman Vincent Peale believed that the way in which one begins a day determines how the day is going to go. He said we can overcome any mood of nature, or any negative mood of human nature by filling our minds with the realization that here is a precious thing called a day. God made this precious, opportunity-filled day. He gives it to you. As time passes, each day becomes more precious. As you arise, picture the day you want and expect. Visualize it clearly. You get what you are looking for. What you project in your mind as a probability is likely to result in fact. If you started today with gloomy thoughts, let thoughts of anticipation surge through your mind. See what the day can become. Each morning, you face a new beginning. Put the past behind you. Take some nice memories along, but leave all other things at the door of the new day. One reason people have nervous breakdowns or become burned out is because they can't let go of the past. Everyone makes mistakes, but let the past be the past. Anticipate a good day, and it will be. How you end the day is important too, said Peale. During the last hour before retiring, deliberately keep your mind from becoming agitated. Put cares, responsibilities and decisions out of your mind so body and soul can be renewed by healthful sleep. Spend the last hour of the day in conversation with your loved one. If you are single, select an entertaining radio or television program, or read a care-free story. "I have learned that a profound secret of rest is to imaginatively conceive that God's everlasting arms are around you, sustaining, protecting and comforting," said Peale. Relax in the knowledge of God's amazing kindness. He will take care of you. With that blessed assurance, you can have a great day every day.

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