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Bug off!

The warm, humid days of summer are perfect for creepy little creatures. Now is the time to wage war on ants, fleas, and the like. It's tempting to dial up the pest control people when you see a number of insects, but it may not be necessary. You can set up your own military operation. Information gathering and a good strategy plus the proper mix of tactics will carry you to victory. Identifying a pest is your first task, according to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. Some are easy to identify, but some are not. Pest control people can advise you on what you've got and what to do about it other than sign up for their services. But always start with prevention: * Seal openings around pipes, and wires. See that the bottoms of exterior doors form a tight seal. * Keep food in sealed containers and counters free of food particles. Empty trash regularly, and don't let pet food sit out. * Select the correct outdoor lighting to minimize pests. Yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights are less attractive to insects. * Sweep corners of garages and storage areas to reduce spider webs. * Keep basements, areas under sinks, and soil near foundations relatively dry. * Vacuum frequently to pick up food particles and keep carpets free of fleas. * Store firewood away from the house to keep termites and carpenter ants at bay. Even the cleanest housekeeper can have a cockroach problem or be invaded by other kinds of bugs. In some cases, chemical action is the only answer. Pests like termites, roaches, clothes moths, ants, and wasps are a serious matter and require immediate and effective action. Some bugs that get into houses are relatively harmless, like centipedes, sowbugs (roly-polys), and crickets, though crickets have been known to chomp on clothing.

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