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Office cleaning Contractors Wanted

Procare need more cleaning contractors as we are so busy.

We have been very successful recently winning office and surgery cleaning contracts so are looking for new contractors to work with us.

You need to be self-motivated, have your own transport and be committed to maintaining high standards in exchange for being well rewarded.

All our contractors invest in their own businesses with the opportunity to work with us to build and grow a successful business that will become very stable and will receive full support and back up form Procare.

We deal with insurance, invoicing and servicing, holiday and sickness support to allow you to concentrate on running your business. We have over 34 years of specialist knowledge in all aspects of the cleaning industry and are constantly checking new products to ensure we are up to date and can support you best.

If you have been considering starting up a cleaning business or have been trying with little success why not give us a call and arrange a free no obligation meeting. You will not be asked to sign or agree to anything at this meeting as we want you to think about working with us before you decide. But we will give you a free cup of coffee!

Please call us on o800 032 6660 or 01525 875666, or alternatively click on the Contractors Wanted button to the right and fill in the form.

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